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2007 Rosso di Bea, Hawk Mountain Vineyard
2011 Carignano, Testa Family Vineyard
2012 Pinot Nero, Valladares Vineyard
2013 Dolcetto, Herrick Family Vineyard
2013 Malvasia Bianca, Valladares Vineyard
$38/750ml (sold out)
2013 Primitivo, Ponzo Family Vineyard
2014 Vermentino, Schatz Family Vineyard
Estate Wine Gift Box
Hawk Mountain Library Trio
2013 Tuscan Estate Extra Virgin
2014 Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil
30 Weight Utility Olive Oil & Line Lube (GALLON)
30 Weight Utility Olive Oil and Line Lube
DaVero 2014 Olio Nuovo in Liter Jug
Apricot Jam
$12/9oz jar
Caramel Apple Butter
$12/9oz jar
Heritage Plum Jam
$12/9oz jar
Indian Red Peach Preserves
Just Peach Jam
$12/9oz jar
Meyer Lemon Curd
$12/9oz jar
Meyer Lemon Marmalade
Quince Jam
$12/9oz jar
Raspberry Jam
$12/9 ounce
Twin-Fig Jam
$12/9oz jar
Wild Blackberry Jam
$12/9oz jar
Capabunga! Wine Closure
Champagne Vinegar
Four-Seasons Harvest
Gaia's Garden Book
Handmade Beeswax Tapers
Lemon/Lime Juicer
Meat & Poultry Herb Rub
More Than Meatballs
Pulltaps Corkscrew
Red Wine Vinegar
Sparklers in Tin
The Wild Wisdom of Weeds
True Balsamic Vinegar
$25/375ml (sold out)
Vinaigrettes Cookbook
Bar of Soap
DaVero Chicken Tote Bag
Lavender Hydrosol Water - 750 ml.
Lavender Oil
$20/1oz (sold out)
Lavender sachet
Limited Edition Cycling Jersey
Plucky the Chicken Baseball Cap
Birch Bottle Box
Breakfast Lover's Delight
For the Perfect Hostess
Gift Box of Three Estate Jams
Give a Private Seated Tasting
Give a Sunset Supper!
Just Add Chicken!
Kissing (Wine) Cousins
Mini-Spa Gift Pack
Pollo Rosso Gift Card
Salad Set with DCV and Champagne Vinegar
Salad Set with Estate Extra Virgin and Red Wine Vinegar
Salad Set with Meyer Lemon Oil & Champagne Vinegar
Salad Set with Tuscan Oil and Red Wine Vinegar
Salad set with Tuscan Extra Virgin and Balsamic
$85/ea (sold out)
Stone Fruit Trio
The Blues for Breakfast
Three Estate Oils Gift Box
Large olive bowl with pit pit
Olive Wood Jam Spoon
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  • Olive Oils
  • Jams & Preserves
  • Pantry
  • Personal
  • Gifts
  • Olivewood

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